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Our Story.

Q4' 2021 - We founded Moonable
Q4' 2021 - Building the place to make it happen.
Q1' 2022 -First launched
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Neobanks are the future of the financial ecosystem
Giordano, Marco and others believed that technology would advance rapidly after the 2008 financial crisis. However, one key indicator was that the world needed to change; to create more controls and policies to ensure a "healthy ecosystem", Which is why they got involved in multiple projects regarding financial services.
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The instrument to remove financial boundaries.
The world has changed a lot since technology became the instrument to remove boundaries, today technology has become an extension to the financial ecosystem. At Moonable we believe that everyone is empowered to build their financial future and we are just building the place to make it happen.
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Eurozone IBAN Accounts - EUR & GBP
In Q1 2022, Moonable has the objective to open services to public allowing people to receive and make payments using IBAN accounts internally in the Eurozone and the UK with GBP accounts. Moonable has the mission and vision to provide people access in a safe and intelligent way to their money.

Meet the pioneers.

about moonable founder marcomoon

Marco Pirrongelli

Chief Operating Officer / Managing Director

about moonable founder giordanomoon

Giordano Lugo

Chief Marketing Officer / Managing Director

about moonable founder danielmoon

Daniel Fabbiani

Product/Project Manager

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